We are Surrounded by Beauty and Wildflowers — 14 Comments

  1. Oh, those dessert PINKS, Mary! The path you sought toward the horses took you to an unexpected place where you definitely found beauty. I love hitch-hiking with you!

  2. Hello, gorgeous collection of wildflowers. It is neat seeing the herd of elk. The last scene is beautiful, lovely sky. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Beautiful! So nice to see the animals and flowers.

    Mary, are ticks a concern in that area? (Sorry, I’m OCD and whenever I see beautiful countryside my first thought is, “I wonder if you’d get ticks walking through there?”)

    • Funny you should ask about ticks. We rarely see them, I found one on Roxy years ago in Utah, and one on Torrey the year we were in Washington. When we did our hike on Saturday we left the dogs home. I came home and put my clothes on the bed and jumped in the shower. When I went back to the bedroom I saw something moving across the bedspread, it was a tick. I right away checked both dogs, my clothes, and Al’s clothes. Nothing other than that one. They are not super common in the west, I’ve always heard it gets too cold, or it’s too dry, or something. But, proof it can happen here when you go bushwacking through the sage brush.

  4. Morning Mary. Love this post…all your posts. I wanted to tell you about a horse workshop. I subscribe to lots of things about horses. Don’t know if you know abut this but JoAnna Mendle Shaw is the Director of The Equus Project. She’s having a workshop in Santa Fe on 8/27. Title of the Workshop is Discovering the Inter Species Dance – A movement Workshop with Horses. Sounds like something perfect for you to do and photograph. Her email is:

    • Thanks so much for the compliment. That sounds like a wonderful workshop, and it would be fun to photograph. I just don’t think we could get to Santa Fe that time of year. We will be in Wyoming, then need to be in South Dakota the end of September. We may or may not be in Utah making stuff if we need to. Thanks so much for thinking of me though, that really would be a fantastic thing to attend, and photograph. Maybe next time.

  5. It must be Heaven to be out amongst wildlife and nature! I can’t wait to see your upcoming posts!! I wish I could be out there with you – or at least in my own RV with the hubby and pups!

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Loved all the flower images. We have prairie smoke here too. I am guessing that when it goes to seed is the smokey bit. I don’t think that I have ever seen yellow paintbrush, and some of the other flowers are new to me as well. Someday I hope to see the bitterroot blooming. Wishing you a lovely day.

  7. Thanks for a wildflower fix. That’s something lacking around Prescott which has surprised me. Maybe I just haven’t driven to the right area yet. That last photo is a beauty!

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