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  1. Happy birthday dear Mary!!!! And congratulations on your anniversary. Two great and important celebrations do call for some relaxation and fun.

    Looking at your photos, the first thing I think is that more people need to also celebrate NATURE. Not only is it super interesting to learn about the social habits of animals, but their simply beauty brings a smile to your face, awesome inspiration in your mind and heart, and brings one to the understanding that we are NOT the only species that needs companionship and love.

    Your dogs are adorable, and I know they have given you so much joy. They sure have to me, just watching them through your lens.


  2. I love ravens too… even when a lot of peeps think they bring bad luck, they are awesome and they sometimes act like humans (specially when they have a dispute lol). Happy Anniversary and a happy happy Birthday to you!

  3. Happy, Happy birthday Mary. May it be filled with the beauty and wonder you share so generously.

    Your photos of Roxy and Torrey make my heart ache (it’s a joy-filled kind of ache) — they are so sweet and loving and just so dang cute!

    that war painted stallion is awesome.

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love this post. That picture of Torrey and Roxy napping together is priceless. I would have imagined Roxy, being smaller, snuggling up to her larger sister (and maybe getting lost in her gorgeous fur!), so I was surprised to see it was the other way around…more like a protective position from Torrey. They’re so great together. That stallion’s “war paint” is amazing! I’d love to know the story behind that fence, there must have been something/someone there a long time ago. I agree that disconnecting for a while is definitely a good thing (though I’ll miss your posts). Good luck at the Jackson Hole show!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mary!! Thank you for the beautiful post; the horse captures are remarkable, as always.
    Good luck to your art show and have fun. :)

  6. Hello, love the pretty shots of your dogs. The horse photo is another favorite along with the landscape shot. Well done! Enjoy your day!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Those are all wonderful photos, and the girls snuggling together is priceless. The horse with the war paint is so cool!
    Wishing you safe travels, and enjoy being unplugged for a bit!

  8. Wonderful, beautiful photos! I love the partners – the dog duo and the horses!!!!!

    Happy Anniversary and Birthday. Enjoy your journey northward!

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  10. Happy Belated Birthday to you my friend. I enjoy every single time you share pictures of your pups! Stunning photos of the horses. Chief is quite handsome!

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