Arizona sunsets and other great stuff — 8 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, I can feel the warmth on my shoulders thanks to your photos here. And that carving Al is doing, WOW! That is splendid. There is always, always something to photograph, isn’t there!

  2. Great capture of the Arizona feel. The dog park doesn’t look real busy. We always try to go at off times so there are hardly any dogs around when we go.

  3. Hello, gorgeous sky photos. I love the shot with the cactus. Your dogs are so cute, beautiful captures. The carving looks awesome!
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. See, once again you set my day off with a smile — so, in case you didn’t know — if you were intending to be the reason someone smiles today — you are! <3

  5. Sunsets…dog play….working in the sunshine….birds…does it get any better than that? Not that I can imagine! :)

  6. You have had amazing material to photograph recently! Super sunsets! Gorgeous birds – wow! And that last photo of Torrey is amazing. I love the backlight with the dust kicked up by her paws.

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