Artsy Fartsy Craziness — 17 Comments

  1. I love your photos… and I can nearly see thow the feathers move with the dancer…seems not only the body is full “in” the sould and the heart too …

  2. Wow! So glad it was just a few dents to the truck!

    And that first photo is stunning! Like your still life too. I love how unconventional and expansive your imagination is.

  3. Hello, I am glad you were not hurt seriously. Sounds scary. Love the photos, especially the first shot.
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I’m glad you didn’t suffer too much damage from that crazy microburst. What a shame that other dealers lost their tents, though, I’m sure they’re pretty expensive. Good ol’ Silver, what a hero! ;) Hope you did well at the show. Love both of these pictures, each with a completely different feel – movement vs serenity. Beautiful.

  5. Glad you didn’t get hurt! Good ol’ Silver – what a brave truck to shield you like that! And glad all the artwork was still safely packed away too!

    I love these photos!! Love your heart rocks! I have a friend who has been collecting heart rocks too….will share this with her.

  6. The dancer photo is beautifully done, like a remarkable painting, Mary!These rocks look so precious.
    Glad to hear there was no damage… eventful…

  7. I’m late! But that slow shutter speed is something i want to practice when the weather gets warm. I was so tickled when I got a shot of a waterfall on low shutter speed. What a difference! That photo of the dancer, PERFECT!

  8. That must have been SO scary, and I’m so relieved that you’re OK! You’re going to have to keep that truck forever now, since it saved your life. :)

  9. I am so glad that you were not hurt in the wind storm. I do not miss that part of shows at all, so unnerving and Montana is FULL of weather!

  10. I can image that was a scary moment. But at least you didn’t lose your tent or any of your arts. Great photo by the way. I like both the way you captured and processed the dancer.

  11. You definitely captured the movement of the dancer – so cool! So scary about the crazy wind – bummer about the scratched car, but so glad you weren’t hurt!! And that’s great that none of your art got caught up in that crazy weather!

  12. That story scares me every time I read it. It reminds me of our time in the Utah desert, when we often have a tent to protect us from the sun. There will be very very sudden bursts of wind… one of those destroyed our camper’s awning. So now we have a free standing tent made for high wind…

    I love that last photo. The golden hour enhances any subject!

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