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Artsy Fartsy Projects — 15 Comments

  1. That beadwork is gorgeous but I’m sure it is time consuming. Mom remembers sewing sequins on a wedding dress for a friend years ago, it reminds her of that.

  2. So pretty… I just LOVE beads! I used to make jewelry with them when I was a kid/teenager, but haven’t done much as an adult. My daughter likes to make stuff too. Every time I see your beads, I want to make something! lol

  3. yes I’ve been doing artsy projects the last few weeks. I completed ash leaves on a large gourd.My husband put up track lighting in my show foyer. I am now working and carving a giant aspen leaf gourd and experimenting with a new technique. (I purchased a new crackle glaze} . I also purchased a large shadow box I will attempt cutting a gourd like Marilyn Sunderland does and see how I do. Of course I won’t copy her work but do my own style. A true Artist never copy another s work but you do get ideas on displaying it or making it your own. FYI: I love the new jewelry Mary made. The Dragon fly is one of my fav’s and It is a sign in the desert on the rocks, etc for water.

  4. Your mom sure is talented, Roxy. I love dragonflies and so does Ma; we have tons of them in our backyard…all different colors. I definitely think you should have your mom make you something with those beautiful blue beads.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  5. Beautiful art pieces. You do great work! You probably could take another piece like that first one and make a doggie name tag on the other side too!


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