Artsy Fartsy Tuesday — 17 Comments

  1. Wow, amazing that your dad can do sculptures, that seems so difficult. I bet they will look super cool when they are done. The beaded buffalo is also cute :)

  2. Wild Life Collection in the rough. Can’t wait to see them all. Great idea and I know it will be stunning and full of precise details with a visual story

  3. Roxy:
    You want me to choose a favorite?!? No way…no can do. I love them all. Dad’s sculptures are amazing! I cannot wait to see the finished pieces. I love that they will tell a story. Mom’s bead work is so pretty. That is an interesting design – the one from the painting. And the little buffalo is so cute!
    Thank you for another pawesome Artsy Fartsy Tuesday!

  4. You know I love your bead work, right? But I have a weak spot for western sculpture. Seriously. LOVE the coyotes. The Gilcrease Museum is around the corner and has a nice collection of Remingtons. I could go over and over just to wander through the sculptures.

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