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Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Barbie Kowalik — 53 Comments

  1. I like the bird the best, much better than the cat or the dog in my opinion…it is interesting looking.

  2. Wonderful portrait of the artist! Definitely surfing off to look at more of her beautiful work. Have to admit, I’m captivated by that crow… my grandma always told me crows bring good news… :-)

  3. I love the cat picture….

    I had to laugh in her bio….She got a degree in Art and then promptly went into the computer field…That’s me, too! My degree is in Art and within a couple of years of graduating I was working in computers and still am a million years later. Alas, the income is more predictable……

      • It has it’s moments of satisfaction, but I would not describe it as fun. It definitely finances fun…agility is an expensive hobby!

        Truly, I don’t think my artistic talents/artistic drive were of the caliber to be viable as a livelihood.

  4. I absolutely LOVE that you featured Barb! I have known that she paints, and have seen her cat and dog work but had NEVER, EVER seen anything else that she had painted. She is truly talented and I am so happy that she is now pursuing her art, her Mom was right! What a talent!

  5. Wow! Barbie’s art is even more diverse and beautiful than I was originally aware of. I’m blown away by her artistry, her skill and above all, her enormous heart. I was hooked on her blog after reading how she and her husband patiently (and hilariously) lived through helping the now world-famous Nellie trust again. I love everything you have included in this post, but I’m particularly intrigued by the palm paintings. I’ve never heard of or seen anything like this before. Awesome Artsy Fartsy Tuesday!

    • Lori, thank you so much for recommending her. I love her art, the palms are awesome. There are more on her flicker page. Such diverse talent. And I am going to have to try the jelly, they sound awesome.

  6. I LOVE Artsy-Fartsy Tuesday, Roxy. Barbie is a great artist. My favorite is the painting of Moose in Winter. I love the color scheme!
    *high paws*

  7. Very nice! So diverse and creative. I love the bright colors. Even the monochrome one at the top is in a bright color. That one is my favorite.

  8. I cannot believe all that this woman does…she’s amazing! And that beaded purse is simply to die for Thanks for introducing me to her art and to her blog

  9. Wowzers! Me has watched Mommy paint all of those pictures! She really LOVES to create! Thanks yous for showcasing my Mommy!

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  11. Wow, we knew Barb was talented but didn’t know how diversified. The lovely moose painting made me homesick for Canada.

  12. Beautiful, creative work! Love the use of color and different media. What a talent!

  13. Wow, they are all great but I am super intrigued with the palm painting – what a cool idea!!! Love that and the Cat and Owl best I think but that Raven is really an eye catcher too! Thanks for Artsy-Fartsy Tuesday! Great post! Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Barbie too!

  14. We love Barbie’s work! We also are great blog furriends. It’s nice to see her work featured and we enjoyed meeting Roxy. You are a most beautiful woofie! We’ll be back to visit again. Have a great week!

  15. Hello there Roxy! Wonderful feature of Nellie’s Mommy! Wow, what gorgeous work she does, she is so very talented!

  16. This is excellent, Barb(ie)!! I didn’t know all this about you…metal smithing! wow–would love to do that! I mainly knew you because of beloved Nellie and Kozmo Your artwork is superb! What a great blog/story!
    I still wonder how you got into computer work–was it the graphics that got you there?

  17. In my commenting on Barb’s art, I forgot to tell you how BEAUTIFUL ROXY IS!!! I WIS I had pursued art instead of accounting…crafting is SO much more fun! The other option was to be a VET….That would be rewarding in so many ways….but I’d need waterproof makeup! I’d want to take them all home! I love the cat picture (and the owl with the cat!)

  18. Barbie does beautiful work! …and yummy too! We’ve had her amazing jams and jellies. And trust me, they didn’t last long in the house!
    : )

  19. Barb painted ME and I loves it! The Human ordered some jams last Christmas to give as presents but then she kept a jar for herself and it was delishus (she says; she did not share with me.)

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