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Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Emma Kaufmann — 19 Comments

  1. This post woke my brain up. I read my name Emma and saw that first portrait which has a bit of similarity to me and wondered what was up. Then I realized it had nothing to do with me, but this Emma does wonderful portraits!

  2. very unique and charming art. I just love it. They look soft and her style is just amazing You can see her passion in her drawings

  3. Roxy…OMD! You found an artist that works in watercolor?!? That is Ma’s favorite medium!! I love Emma’s portraits. They are fantastic. Thank you for another great Artsy-Fartsy Tuesday.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  4. These are all wonderful! Thanks so much for featuring yet another artist for me to discover. That’s what I adore about Artsy Fartsy Tuesday :-) Heading over to Emma’s blog now.

  5. Awesome portraits! I especially love the first one where the dog almost looks like shes melting into the floor. It perfectly captures the way pups sleep.

  6. Absolutely beautiful…I love these. Emma is very talented. One day I’m going to have something like this done…it’s difficult when we have so many pets, I can’t pick and choose but I also can’t afford to have them all done!

  7. Well… how funny… I know Emma’s name because we are in a “closed” writing group together on Facebook. I had no idea she was also a fabulous watercolor artist! Wow! Those are delightful! (Hi, Emma – from a fellow “Chick Lit Goddess”!)

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