Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Gone to the Dogs — 10 Comments

  1. Ohhhhhhhh, what a great way to start my morning with Roxy and Torrey! That last one especially, the shadows! LOVE!

  2. My goodness – are there bigger eyes anywhere than the eyes of a dog waiting for food?
    These two would make wonderful models for a big eye portrait.

  3. I bet grass is a nice treat for them after all the desert time! They look pretty content alright.

  4. You DO have such wonderful models…and yes, I believe all dogs operate on “food time”…they know when it’s time for meals and they don’t often let us forget. Huny will yap sharply at me and once went in the kitchen and began pushing her food bowl around with her nose as if to say “Hey!! Where’s my DINNER?”

  5. It looks like they love the grassy backyard! My dogs don’t have that time piece but the main reason is that we don’t consistently feed them at exactly the same time. Our previous dogs had that time piece, and we decided to get rid of it by being variable!! :)

  6. OMD, those girls are so cute! I can see Torrey is a grass connoisseur like Rita is! (We don’t have grass so she LOVES to come across some good grass to roll in on our walks.)

    If we ever were to meet, you’re going to want to check my bag before I leave because I totally want to steal your pups! They are just the cutest. Roxy kills me.

  7. These two are so adorable!! I’m glad they are enjoying the ‘citified’ grass, although I’m pretty sure you are not caring too much for it. :-)

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