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Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – J.Susan Cole Stone — 22 Comments

  1. You are right, Susan’s work is exquisite. You are also right that it is rare to find an artist who is adept at working in a variety of mediums.

    When I was in High School I was a “Pre-Art” major. I was going to major in Art in college (changed my mind because I felt I wasn’t “good enough”) Anyway….my preferred medium is graphite or pen and ink. I am strange because I can NEVER work in color. How weird is that? Can’t paint for the life of me.

    The movement in the painting of the windows with the drapes is just beautiful. ALL of Susan’s work is gorgeous! Thank you for featuring her!

  2. !!!!! WOW!!!! What amazing talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She captures the spirit as well as the form of the horses movement. Water color is not forgiving. The still life draws you in and fascinates you. The cat is my favorite; its a cute cozy warm picture. (I love cats) The variety she chooses is fantastic as well. Mary you did it again, showing us another pretty amazing artist.

  3. Beautiful! Watercolor is very difficult for me so I really appreciate the talent shown in these pieces. The first one is my favorite visually, the second is my favorite because of the way the watercolor wash came out, and the one of the twisted tree is my favorite because of the difficulty that must have been involved in getting that kind of detail from watercolor.

  4. I love that tree on the riverbank and the movement of the breeze blowing through those gauzy curtains…

    If you look at the photos momz posted for me today you can see I wore my Roxy necklace to the Expo and everyone I met loved it

  5. Hi All,
    Thanks all for taking a look at my work and especially for all the nice comments. To answer a few of your questions,the second painting is Malaysia, and the tree is a pen & ink with watercolor. Again, I appreciate all of the very nice compliments!

  6. Water colour is often a very under rated medium in art. It’s extremely difficult to use well, but J.Susan Cole Stone uses it with a simple mastery in these pieces. Not only that but wildlife art is often very tricky to get right. Our eyes know when an animal is painted badly, it seems to scream out at us. These are all very pleasing. Bravo to the artist.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous work! Watercolor painting can be very challenging, and these watercolors are just exquisite! Thank you for sharing the work of this wonderful artist!

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