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Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – L.G. Barnes — 22 Comments

  1. Nice, I like it. We just heard something about pottery and that it is so hard to make square items. Now that we think about it, most pottery is round. Enjoy your bowl :)

  2. Oh this is great! On my way to the website right now for when I ever get money again! lol. Saw Taryn’s comment and I think the “dropping” problem was solved by that handy “built in” hole on the side of the bowl which looks like it could be lifted by using that?
    This is just GORGEOUS!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. awesome pottery bowl!farewell to thee my furry friends. Hopefully we will see you at Bridger………..Aunt Mary

  4. Pretty! Sadly, I’ve learned the hard way that I’m way too klutzy for pottery or ceramic bowls for the dog. Have tried a few times, and they always end up broken. I hand-painted the cutest (if I do say so myself) Snoopy bowl for our beagle… and then I dropped it a few months after making it. Sigh. We’re stuck with boring stainless steel. :(

  5. Oooooo! The finished bowl is DARLING! Like Jackie, we stick with stainless for food. The water is ceramic, but maybe with our next dogs (doesn’t that just sound horrid?) we’ll order some pretty food bowls.

  6. Saw the photo you posted on Facebook and just had to know more. That is one gorgeous dog dish!! Love seeing the process and now am heading to see more of L.G.’s work.

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