Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – New, and Music — 25 Comments

  1. Mary, this is so cool.

    You taking pictures of your man making art… within art. The close-up of his kit, the wood, the splatches of paint, it is art in itself. Oh how the sunshine comes through so clearly, to my -20 environment!

    THANK YOU for this tour once again, in the desert of peace.

  2. Quartzite can always be counted on for unique finds and looks like you guys scored. I am always awed by the artist talents folks have. Enjoy the quiet and solitude of the desert. We just may join you on the other side of the hill next year :-)

    • We have really found some good stuff this year. And yes, joining us out here next year would be fun. I’m fairly certain we will be back this way.

  3. The Boys Scouts of America pack, the paint brush can and paint box, tripod all fit right into the whole scene. Looks like a “Master” desert bloom in the works. Could be a scene from the next off the grid movie.

  4. you two just spill over with talent! :)

    i have 3 metal ‘bells’ that hang near each other in a tree. love the soft ‘bong’ sounds they make. and i have a small metal ‘do-dad’ thingy that hangs near the front door – just a soft clinking and tinkling. all the rest of the chimes hang indoors to be played on command only. :)

  5. Is there any talent you and Al don’t have? :) LOL I SO admire people who are gifted in so many areas of the arts. I’m a writer and photographer, but outside of that I couldn’t draw a stick figure. Painting is something I’ve always had such a strong desire to do, but everything comes out looking like a first grader’s playtime activity.

    • Al is the one with all the talent, I can’t draw to save my life. We were taking about painting like a kid this morning. Kids don’t say they can’t do it, they just do it. Maybe that’s the secret to any great art.

  6. Nice shots of your artist hubby! I love the windchimes, I have some hanging on my deck. Have a happy week!

  7. What a great photo for music! That first sentence in this post was a real doozy! I’m glad you have all your challenges squared away! Love that painting set up Al has, it fit you all so well and is super cool!

  8. I love Al’s set-up. It must be fun starting something new like painting!

    Your windchimes are beautiful.

  9. Hi Mary! Your site is very cool; I will be sure to come back again to check out more of it. the dogs are super cute; do you really travel around with them? My hubby and I have a dream to someday get a little camper and travel around…

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