Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – Photo Challenges — 12 Comments

  1. Hello, great series of photos. I love the dogs, the moose and the kiddies. The golden sun shot is beautiful.
    Have a happy day!

  2. You always rise so well to these challenges! It’s tough to pick a favorite, but I sure do love Torrey’s smiling face, and the moose in the snow.

  3. Hard to believe the year is almost over! Your nieces are so cute! As is Torrey! And that moose pic made me shiver, so it’s definitely hitting a “cold” note for me!

  4. Torrey does have the best smile ever!!! I love that moose, and I love your nieces tossing the leaves with glee!!!!

    How does one do “shaped bokeh”? It looks cool but I didn’t even know that it existed!

  5. The fairy picture reminded me of the turn of the century photos of ferries that Houdini, I believe, debunked. Maybe he would believe if he had met Torrey. :)

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