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Artsy Fartsy Tuesday – The soul of the dog — 31 Comments

  1. Oh wonderful Torrey’s eyes are perfect…Can’t wait to see Roxy’s now…It will be so neat to display them together…I do have Gizmo’s nose and plan to keep nose and eyes together…What atrikes me most is that all our dogs radiate such depth of soul…wouldn’t a collage of all our blogging friends be nice to have?

  2. awesome! Hey by the way those dog herbs really helped Reggie with is car sickness. Yesterday when we went to the vets for their check up on the way and back home Reggie never got nervous and never hurled. He did however get out of his collar when we were going back to the car. it had gotten loose and he slipped out and ran around the parking lot. Mike was heading the leash with the collar on it and Reggie was headed for the street! A very busy highway! I had just put Ollie in the car and saw what was happening and started calling him and stooped way down submissively as I could and Mike backed up. Reggie was living in a moment of fear and wouldn’t come back. I then got Ollie out of the car and was panicking that he would go out into the highway. Suddenly two vet helpers came running out and circled around Reggie and he came back and grabbed him by the hair. Mike picked him up and put him in the car. Wow was I relieved! I was full of adrenalin because of this and the bill of $172.00! They got shots that are good for three years. Next time I will put Reggie in a harness.

  3. This is just fabulous! EVERY doggy featured we know (and LOVE) and we couldn’t agree with you more about Shelia ….she is incredible!! She captured the souls of all of our babies so beautifully!

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