Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Week 21 — 12 Comments

  1. I LOVE THEM, as you know! From the bokeh (we photobugs find ourselves in various, strange positions!) to the double exposure horses, everything is sensational, Mary! I am so excited about school ending in the next two weeks because my goal is to get out and explore and photograph people. Love your horses so much!

  2. Roxie really is a sweet soul! We can imagine how she loves to be warm and cuddle. The dandelion photo is the best. What a wonderful capture!

  3. Roxy and Daisy are cut from the same mold – anything soft, any time, anywhere. Love the dandelion photo!

  4. I love all the images – the ones of the horses are definitely unique and striking, and the dandelion is “cool” – but the one of Roxy really grabbed at my heart strings! She’s such a cutie-pie to begin with and this image of her is just too sweet for words! ❤️

  5. Hello, you are creative. My favorite are Roxy and the second shot with the pretty bokeh! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week!

  6. Quite honestly, I love them all. The dandelion, sweet Roxy, and the double exposure horses. Wowzers!

  7. Oh my gosh, I love the first double exposure! It is so amazing, it looks like it would be an amazing mural!

    Of course, I love all your photos so it’s hard to choose which I like best.

  8. Well. I thought the Roxy one would be my favorite when I saw it on Facebook. But that dandelion shot is pretty amazing.

  9. They are all wonderful! Of course, Roxy snuggled in her blanket is just too adorable. I remember working with double exposure way back when, when I was first into photography. How do you do it with the new digital cameras – through editing?

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