Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Woodworking — 29 Comments

  1. Mary! The elephant legs are fabulous!! Your husband is so very talented. I just LOVE the frames! Gorgeous! We would be having much more fun if it wasn’t pouring and thundering and lightning…BIG time!

  2. LOVE IT. Not only will they pay the bills, these elephant legs are AWESOME! AWESOME, Mary! And that frame? Perfect for your moose. Woman, make something HUGE with your talents, like a book!

    • The book idea…..I’m not sure on that. Kinda hard to sell them I think. I costs so much to self publish that the price ends up pretty high. I would love to do a book however.

  3. The elephant legs are cool, I would love to see the table when it is done.. The frames are pretty, I love the one with the moose. Cute ideas. Have a happy day!

  4. Those legs are very interesting . The method of layering the wood to make it thick enough would be itself a big job. The table sounds huge and massive to go with the legs. I am trying to get a visual of the whole table with the legs and I know it will be amazing. Now I’m wondering what kind of color and finish will be on it. Will the top have wrinkles like elephant skin? Are there going to be chairs also? Does this woman have dreams of going on a Safari? The frames are very unique. I like the rocks with the texture underneath. The photos are very vivid and pop right out at you. All in all on a scale of 1 to 10 you get 10.

  5. Great legs Mary . . . I mean Al’s (for the table, you know). What kind of wood did Al select to carve? It must be some kind of a hard wood but something that takes carving well. Could it be walnut?

    Frames are looking good. I see you gave up one of your heart stones for the heart stone stacked rock photo. That should sell well at the shows. Watch out that you don’t become a heartless artist over this new direction in framing.

    • The wood is alder. Most of the carving projects Al does are made with alder. It carves about the best. Walnut is good too, but it’s pretty expensive and harder to finish in a specific color. Al found the heart rock when we were picking up rocks to make these. He just slipped it in for the frame. LOL

  6. Wow, just wow! I’d say the friend if your friend I going to be extremely pleased! What a talented woodworker your hubby is! And those frames? Just wonderful.

  7. The elephant legs may be an unusual project, but they’re very interesting and so beautifully crafted! I love seeing the stages it takes to make them. The frames are a brilliant idea, and I particularly like the stones with the designs around them. Ooo Montana…where I’ve wanted to live since I was a little girl. :)

  8. I like the idea with the elephant legs and it’s a great way to make them from wood :o) The picture frame is wonderful, you have not only a photo or a picture to remember a great place, the stones make it to a real memory :o)
    easy rider

  9. That must be one huge room and table for those legs. Cool idea if one happens to have an elephant room!

  10. It’s fun to see the process, gluing wood together through the carving. Looks like a ton of work but the finished table should be interesting indeed!

  11. wow – elephant legs! That is an unusual project! They’re really cool-looking – I’d love to see the whole table (and the elephant room). I really like what you’re doing with the frames – they look fantastic!

  12. It’s interesting how the pieces of wood are glued together before craving and the frames are gorgeous! I really love those. :)

  13. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…. you two are incredibly creative and talented. Those elephant legs are awesome and I love the picture frames.

  14. The elephant leg is great!! I am glad you showed us the process. Very cool:)

    I love the frame with the cute rocks on the bottom!!! Great idea:)

  15. Those elephant legs are really cool, but how big are they? I’d love to see a picture of Roxy next to them for some perspective. I figure they have to be pretty big for the table top! Love the frames too! Love Dolly

  16. This is very cool. I love the idea of the elephant legs for a table, how very creative and lucky for her she knows someone with the skills to manage it.

    The frames are magnificent, I love them and can picture hanging them in my home.

  17. Aren’t those elephant legs something? It must keep things interesting to get different projects like that.
    I LOVE those frames too!

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