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Artsy Farty Tuesday – The newest sculptures are done — 21 Comments

  1. Beautiful! I live in Europe, too far away to visit the art shows.

  2. My person says these pieces of wood are treasures.

    We disagree about the best use of treasures around here :-/ She’s still miffed that “someone” chewed the edge off a custom made painting of our older Collie sister…which just happened to fall when “someone” knocked it off the wall. We hear, “this is why we can’t have nice things” a lot during disagreements about what to do with treasures.

  3. They are all amazing but I really LOVE the dragonflies. The different textures of the dragonflies really makes it feel like they are emerging from the wood!
    *high paws*

  4. The carvings are literally breathtaking. The dragonfly one is hard to believe it is wood. It looks more like the sculptures my brother does in copper. Sandra & Dolly

  5. Beautiful pieces of art. I like the look of the wood and can just imagine how good it would feel.

  6. They are really stunning, so beautiful. I can’t imagine having the skills to take a chunk of wood and be able to create something so beautiful.

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