Artwork and Art show schedule

Al Hone creates beautiful sculptures, and custom hand carved furniture. Designing every work of art as a wonderful and timeless addition to any home. Below are some examples of artwork he has created over the years. He is always working on new art pieces, so be sure to check Al Hone Fine Art for new and upcoming work.
You can see Al’s work, and Mary’s photography at art shows throughout the year. You can find our current art show schedule at the bottom of this page. We would love to meet you. 
Raven sculpture    Native American Sculpture  
Custom hand carved furniture by Al Hone

Mixed Media Photography, and one of a kind art pieces can all be found at all our art shows. Each piece is handcrafted, and coated with a special art resin to enhance and preserve it. 
Mixed Media Photography, wild horses, art resin
Mixed Media Photography collage of wild horses
Photography prints can be found at Mary Hone Photography. 
 Art shows for summer 2018
July 6th – 8th American Legion in Jackson Hole, WY MC Presents Art and Antique show
July 13th – 15th Teton Village In Jackson Hole, Wyoming with MC Presents Art and Antique show
August 3rd-5th Sweet Pea Festival Bozeman, MT
August 10th – 12th Teton Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with MC Presents Art and Antique show


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  1. These are really beautiful pieces of work, takes alot of talent, patience and love to create art such as this.