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Awwwwww, nice green grass — 29 Comments

  1. Grass is great, the best is high grass when they can see only my tail. Sadly grass has a weird sideeffect when I eat it… have a great wednesday!

  2. it is all about the run. Torrey and Roxy are living the good life of sunshine and soft grass. We think you Mary and Al go out by the light of the moon and run around under the stars.

  3. So cute! Rita is jealous! She LOVES grass… and we have none in our yard! I feel guilty about that – but it takes so much water to keep it looking nice here!

  4. My sister Katie loves to just lay in the grass and snooze too. Sometimes she runs but snoozin’ is her fav these days!

  5. thank you for stopping by. i love it … your pups look like they are having too fun!! ( :
    take care.

  6. Torrey and Roxy are incredibly cute, it’s nice to see them running and having good time in the grass. How old are they?

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