Back to our favorite desert spot — 23 Comments

  1. Love Torrey’s red accessories. What a neat place to explore, although in someways it is kind of creepy, like frozen back in time with the cans and tank tracks. Mom fell into a Saguaro cactus once back in college and can attest to the pain that causes. She got a spine in her behind and had to pull it out…couldn’t sit down for a couple days she says. Keep those shoes on Torrey! Enjoy your beautiful spot.

  2. WOW. The dessert has its own rare beauty, and the things one can find here (that OLD SHASTA CAN!) along with dried up cacti, there must be an almost ghostly silence to this place. GORGEOUS. And the dogs are sweet as always, following your lead. LOVE THE BOOTIES! The local dogs wear these for the ice on the sidewalks!

    Have a super day, Mary! Anita

  3. I would say what a fantastic spot of Earth and place to go on a walk about. Those red shoes on Torrey are so cool. What a cool shasta can. Do you guys have a mental detector out there with you?
    Whats your next Art Show?

  4. Torrey’s shoes remind me of the booties that the Iditarod dogs wear to protect their paws. I have given up on getting my dogs to actually walk while wearing them.

  5. You’re making me want to go back! I was SO paranoid about someone stepping on a cactus but I cannot keep track of twelve booties. That can is a wonderful old find!

  6. Wow! Can we swap places? What a spectacular place to stay and explore. I’ll admit that I would definitely become a hoarder. All of those cans would be mine! I love old bottles and cans!

  7. Gosh, it looks beautiful there, no wonder you look forward to going back so much. That can is really cool….I love to find old things like that when exploring.

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