Back in Jackson Hole, and fun times — 43 Comments

  1. I love the way you sit, super adorable. I sit just plain goofy Mom says, but you are quite lady like :)

  2. Way to be on lookout, Torrey. Beavers are hard to spot.

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Jackson Hole. Can’t wait to see more pictures when your wifi speed picks up.

  3. Roxy…that is the cutest “sit” ever! Cool shots of the beaver. I’ve seen their handiwork but never actually run into one in the flesh. Torrey is a good critter spotter.

  4. Well I bet you guys were captivated by the beaver. He/she looked like an eager beaver up to mischief. Glad Auntie Shannon took some pictures to share.

  5. Plenty of dogs cross their front legs, Roxy, but not their back legs! That must make you pretty special. But you’re mama already knows that.

    Love the beaver shots!

  6. I think the only way you could look more ladylike is if you had a throne – maybe your Mom can arrange that!
    Very cool that Torrey found a beaver – and you’re right, he does have a look of mischief!

  7. We get beavers in our lake occasionally. It drives my dogs nuts! A giant rodent that they can’t catch. They are willing to give it a swimming try, but I don’t let them. They are out-matched in the water when it comes to a beaver!

  8. I sit like that sometimes too, Roxy, but in a very flexible, athletic, manly way. Cute beaver and, luckily, a nice one too… the ones where Bethany used to live in Oregon attacked dogs!

  9. Oh Roxy…you are a proper lady sitting with your legs crossed. Tell your mom I said she must stop teasing you about it. I cannot believe you saw a beaver! How exciting! I’ve never seen one of those before.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  10. Finding that beaver is exciting…I’ve never seen one in the wild and momz sez she’s only spotted one once…And I think you look very genteel Roaxy…the pawfect lady

  11. Wow, a real beaver, how cool, I’ve never seen one of them before – he looks like a great mischief master!

    Hope you had fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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