Back in our Favorite Spot, Wyoming — 10 Comments

  1. Some day we need to be in this area when you are there so I can see these big guys just once. They are so beautiful. Your photos are just spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seeing all those beautfiul creatures makes me think about how we invade them with our homes, sewage. and our interference. Mankind’s practices of disposing of them at their convience; thinking we are keeping balance. In my opinion; Mankind is keeping us out of balance by disrupting Nature. Many have an attitude we are supreme; the only important living animal on this planet. Well that was downer, Let me get off my soap box and end with positiveity. The best thing is that people like you and Al put out effort and show how important these beautiful creatures are in their pristene invirement. Sure haven’t seen water that clear in a long while. Bet you could take a sip and it would be clean and safe to drink. Supporting artist is important. Just like the early explorers they went into primitive places and shared their stories. You are pioneers and explorers. Documentors out in the wilderness. Loved seeing these close up photos. Stay warm!

  3. Goodness Mary, you have given me a show of shows here this morning! Hey, HOBACK! And that calf is precious! What I love about moose is their nose…sort of like a horse’s nose but curved down…and the look on their faces; one can only imagine what they are thinking. Beautiful photography!

  4. Gorgeous photos – as always – and I have to admit my favorites are the ones of the fawns. Baby animals just grab hold of my heart strings and don’t let go. ❤️

  5. I randomly make forays into FB & Instagram and appreciate your photos there, but love best the visual feast of your blog with your funny, cheeky comments. These photos of moose and the fawns fill my heart, thank you Mary for sharing your experience.

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