Backcountry Dogs, Deserve Merrick Backcountry Food and Treats — 4 Comments

  1. Darling moments in the dessert. Oh Mary, I can feel the arid sky, I can smell the musty but earthy terrain!

  2. Merrick sent us Backcounty when it first came out and we switched to it right away. We love it and Madison eats the puppy version. We have lots of their treats too. Great stuff.

  3. Love freeze-dried — it’s so convenient, yet good for them! Gotta try this one, thanks for telling us about it. Kisses from CindyLu xx

  4. Gorgeous photos, as always. Torrey and Roxy go on such amazing adventures to places most humans never get to see.

    I knew Merrick made canned food but I had no idea of their extended product line. Do they distribute to Canada? I will definitely look for this in the future.

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