Bald Eagles, and Nesting Osprey in Idaho — 23 Comments

  1. I’m so in awe with these shots. How thrill to capture the osprey in flight with a big fish!!
    Thank you for sharing with us, Mary!

  2. Fantastic captures. Wish we had spent more time hanging around that area last summer. Oh, and that’s a sandhill crane if you’re interested.

  3. Wow, incredible photos. I love the morning one of the adult osprey carrying a fish to the nest. Gorgeous! I’m glad that you’ll be returning to that area :)

  4. Good morning Mary!

    You take me away to places I never get to see. I’ve missed your blog posts so!

    I was able to see two eagles one early spring morning as we walked around one of our urban lakes. It was fascinating to not only watch the pair majestically fly from one tree to another, but to watch the PEOPLE who were busy doing their power walks around the lake STOP to look above in wonder. Cell phones came out, videos were taken, and for a few minutes, we all became children of God and we knew it.

    • That’s a beautiful way to put it. I love that. Internet has been sketchy of late, hence the lack of posts. Glad to know I’m missed though.

  5. Hello, Awesome captures of the Bald Eagles, the Osprey, White Pelicans and the Cranes. I love the nest shot showing the juvie osprey chicks. Good luck with your show. Happy weekend, enjoy your weekend.

  6. Uh…wow!!!! You did indeed find a great spot. I am SOOO jealous of your photos! Love that you shared the…made my morning!

  7. I’m pretty sure that’s a sandhill crane. I love seeing those birds. I’ve seen them doing their “dance.” Beautiful photos! Thanks for your keen eye and for sharing these photos.

    • Lloyd, I don’t have a drone. I would however like one some day. This nesting platform is below the road. Between the road and lake. It’s still way high up for the birds, but visible from above by people. It’s the only nest I have ever found that is like this.

  8. I love watching even our little nesting birds – robins, chipping sparrows, phoebes, and their antics, but big birds like these are amazing! When we used to camp and boat we loved watching the osprey dive for fish, and a spotting of a bald eagle or heron was always so special.

  9. Mary, you are very much missed. I know, the internet has been spotty here for us in the city as well. And thank you for reminding me of this comment I left. I just may refine it into a quote and add it to my gallery. Why not….

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