Bears of Grand Teton National Park — 11 Comments

  1. HELLO Cinnabear! You look like a big, cinnamon sugar cookie!!!!

    Oh Mary, your range of subjects has expanded and it’s marvelous to see your progress. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face with the animals of wild world of photography….

  2. Hello, I love seeing the wild bears. Awesome shots of the mama bear with her cubs. I hope she continues to stays safe in the park.
    Your photos are just awesome. I will stay quiet about the hunting, it makes me sick too. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. They are so wonderful and look so happy and healthy. Trophy hunting is so sick! We don’t see any point in that kind of hunting.

  4. Mama Bear and her cubs are soooo magnificent! Thank you for sharing them with us! I do hope that when all is said and done legally, it will be a victory for the bears and other wild life across the country. There is absolutely nothing good or “sporting” about trophy hunting. It makes me sick!

  5. Stunning pictures. And yes, I’m sure you spend as much effort tracking the bears with your camera as anyone with a gun.

  6. Wow, what an amazing adventure!! These photos are well captured. Thank you so, so much for sharing with us, Mary!

  7. I laughed at the cub in the hole!!! 399 is gorgeous!!!! I, too, cannot understand the urge to kill these glorious animals. Being famous is not good in this world. Is this the same bear as Candy posted a photo of?

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  9. They are beautiful, and I’m with you, how can people want to kill them? I’m glad there are petitions and people who fight against this. I do have a question though… how do you know she is 399? Is she tagged?

  10. It’s so sad when they take away the protections for wildlife that should be enjoyed, not killed for no reason.

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