Beating back the forest primeval — 33 Comments

  1. Good morning, wonderful collection of images. I like both the forest and the wide open spaces. My favorite would beaches..Great post! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love lush green BUT I need big vistas. Dense forest is for visiting, not living (unless there are nearby wide open vistas. I think the perfect forest is one with a little bit of understory that often opens up to meadows!

  3. Let’s just say, if you hadn’t told us where you are at, we would think you were in a jungle. We love a good forest, but that stuff where you are is way too thick!

  4. Well you probably know that I am a forest girl, I do love me some trees! BUT you do have to stay on top of them and trim them and keep the land clear.

    The rows of trees look like they could be fruit trees, they are typically planted in rows.

  5. I certainly understand your preference and perspective, but for me it’s the mysterious dark jungle every time. I feel safe in there, almost cozy (just like I prefer small houses and small rooms, I guess. The whole “open floor plan” trend sets my teeth on edge and beaches have always bored me after several minutes…unless, of course, I’m digging up a wreck with my archaeology buddies!) and like there’s always something new to discover. I like that the forest reclaims its space, I’m so done with humans chopping or burning down forests for greedy reasons and then just laying it all to waste, destroying ecosystems. For me, wide open vistas are lovely for a photo op or to “ooo” and “aahhh” over the view, but then there’s nothing left to discover and I’m heading back to the woods. :) A cabin in the woods near a lake surrounded by trees – that’s one of my dreams.

    • And that is what makes life great, we all love different things. I do love my small house, and when we build, it will be small too. But I need an extension of the house on the outside. I need skies, and a view far off.

  6. I like hiking into the overgrown forest to discover what it has hidden, but I do love the sweeping vistas.

  7. I’m with you and can totally relate…. give me wide open vistas any day. Too many trees and dense vegetation was one of the reasons (there were others) that we cut our Midwestern sojourn short. And we just found out one of our skylights is cracked and we’re pretty sure it was caused by a tree…grrr!

  8. The grass is always greener, Mary. Let’s trade places. I love your trees and the idea of nature reclaiming man’sdetritus. You can have our desert! :)

  9. It IS a little spooky looking there Mary! I would feel the same way as you! I suppose it takes some getting used to if you are going to live there. Doesn’t it rain a lot there too? I much prefer the beautiful vistas you usually post!

  10. Well, at least you are taking a variety of photos! We like the forests, when mom was in Vancouver the smell of pine was like a Christmas tree, but suppose there are benefits of open landscape too. Then you can see the monsters coming. Love Dolly

  11. Hi. Jan at Wag and Woof Pets told me about your blog. I’m new to blogging and posted about heart rocks and she said you collect them too :) Love your pictures. What an adventure you are living!! And I prefer being able to see the sunlight :)

    • I do collect them! Love them. Your collection is great too. And thanks for liking the pics. I’m glad you stopped by. Welcome to blogging!

  12. I’m with you – wide open vistas are what I love. I’ve never been to the pacific northwest but I found the forests in New England to be way too dense for my liking. So, I understand your feelings. The greenhouses are incredible… just 10 years. Hell, we have old mining buildings from 100 years ago with nothing growing on them!

  13. Hahaha about the banjo music. The photos are really cool, but yeah… definitely getting a creepy vibe! I prefer open vistas! We like to hike in the forest… but thinking about hikes we’ve done, we like to do trails that are along a mountain ridge where you have a view.

  14. I agree with you that the area is mostly too much of a jungle for my tastes. I do like some trees but the vines would overwhelm me. I love moss though, ;)

  15. I feel you…and that is some weird stuff going on there! I love trees, but bring in the sunshine for me! I like to enjoy the trees more from a distance. When we first had our house built, we cleared a lot of trees and had a big open area. Of course over the years the forest kept creeping back in on us. Finally, last summer I told my hubby that I was starting to feel claustrophobic…so he headed out with the chainsaw and I feel better now! :)

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