Beauty at the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge — 14 Comments

  1. Hello, pretty landscapes and sky shots. Neat sighting of the Bighorn and deer. I love the dog photos, they are my favorites. I miss having a dog!
    Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  2. I had the best of intentions to visit KOFA this winter, but we’ve experienced some unexpected twists and turns – normal life stuff. Seems our winter is whizzing by, but in a good way. Love Torrey’s booties!

  3. The dogs look like they enjoyed it, even if Roxy didn’t want to walk much! You cannot tell an old dog what to do. LOL
    It certainly looks like you’re getting the hang of that new camera – beautiful shots! The lake sounds like it will be quite different than where you were, look forward to seeing some shots of it!

  4. That first shot of Torrey makes her look like a glamor girl! She’s a beauty! I also love the backlit ones of Roxy. She’s earned the right to be stubborn, I think! :)

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