The beauty of Mesa Falls, Idaho — 24 Comments

  1. We are still recovering from that drive to Vegas and back, but seeing these photos you post makes us want to go back out west and see some nice scenery! Just gorgeous!

  2. It’s a beautiful place and I would like to sit there with a book (or better I would sit there with a little distance to the falls after hearing the roar in your video)

  3. Wow that is truly spectacular! I love waterfalls and could just sit and watch them all day long, sort of the same way I feel about watching the waves on the ocean. It’s funny my zodiac sign is fire, but I LOVE water. ;-)

    • My sign is cancer, and therfore water. I love being near water of any kind, but we truly love waterfalls. We were married next to a waterfall actually.

  4. That is incredible Mary. I loved hearing the sound of the waterfall. It feels almost like you are in a canyon. Love the pictures. I have not had the chance to visit Idaho, but now I want to go in the worst way.

  5. That is truly spectacular. We are having a drought and all that water and greenery was delightful to see.

  6. I would love to visit there! It looks like a lot of fun and I bet the dogs would love hiking there with us. You visit the coolest places!

  7. Beautiful falls.I wanted to stop at Shoshone Falls on the way back from BlogPaws but we ended up driving through Twin Falls, ID when it was dark.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! When mom was in Tibet she did the same thing, took a movie of the running water just to hear the sound. It was at Leaping Tiger Gorge. Love Dolly

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