Best Wild Burro Day EVER — 12 Comments

  1. M A R Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! OK, you know me and horses, but BURROS tickle my heart! Gosh you got good photos and what a treat indeed! The one with the black nose made me chuckle; he looks as if he put his nose in a pool of mud, or chocolate cake! LOL – and the babies. GOOD GLORY they are so dang cute and those ears remind me of when you crack open a coconut!!!! Joy, joy, joy.

  2. Hello,

    Wow, they are just adorable critters. Awesome collection of photos. I wish you and your family all the best in 2020, Happy New Year!Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. What fun!! They are so cute, and pose so well for their photos! I did not realize they came in those different colors – the white one is quite pretty.

  4. Needed hot sause; to control the cuteness tempiture going off in my brain Adorable creatures! Glad It was a great “bray” day!

  5. Oh how I love Burros and you had the best day ever filled with Burro cuteness! The baby ones are
    A D O R A B L E !

    Happy New Year!

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