Birds, Bees and Spring Flowers in the Desert — 13 Comments

  1. Mary, your hummingbird photos are exquisite, and the beauty of those tiny pink blooms, it’s wondrous. Thank you for bringing me a magical world every time I open up your posts!

  2. I just soaked up some warmth from your photos. We’re still hovering near freezing most nights (on Vancouver Island) and that’s an improvement, but I crave the sight of bees and blossoms. Lovely photos, Mary.

  3. Ms. National Geographic you are! Stunning photography and fascinating educational topics!

  4. The water brings so many wonderful things…the photos are amazing. We have to bring our bird feeders in at night now, since a warm February might mean bears will come out early. We do not want to attract them to our yard, since we have all the birds. More than one of our neighbors lost their chickens to bears so we have to be diligent. But I miss seeing the birds if we don’t have feeders out at all.

  5. You are getting so good at the “hummers in flight” photos! They’re great. Actually, this post is filled with amazing photos. I love seeing water in the desert. The Colorado River is amazing, isn’t it? Unfortunately, we have a huge dam project being jammed through the system near us that will take even more water from the Colorado. Eventually, it will just be gone.

    I have to look more closely at Tamarisk flowers the next time I’m in the desert. They’re gorgeous!

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