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  1. Oh Mary….if I tried to capture these raptors in flight, every shot would be blurry and not so elegant. You seized the moment of a great ballet,never to be performed the same way again. And I LOVE BOTH of your renditions of the hawk! The drama of the black and white, but the intensity of the blue sky in the second…and those CLAWS…a raw sight!

    Thank you for the beauty! Anita

  2. Again simply stunning and we so enjoy seeing them. We of course have nothing like it over here so it is a real treat. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Wow! Those pictures are incredible!! Thank you so much for seeing beautiful with us. Simply by joining our blog hop you’ve allowed us to donate another $5 to The Lantern House Homeless Shelter in honor of Goose’s 15th birthday! Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. those shots are amazing. Makes me want to fly along with them. Can’t complain about the hawks we’ve seen out here in our neck of the woods. We are having a fake spring time here. Everything is coming out of dormancy; so hopefully a late freeze won’t take away fruit this year. Wish we were going to the art show in Carefree.

  5. Wow these are stunning photos! I really like the first one of the Harris hawk flying over your head, I think it’s really unique and speaks. Beautiful!

  6. I love birds! These raptures are just gorgeous! I like your AB Friday image, with it’s little feet all tucked in for flight. Great images! :D

  7. Truly stunning! I love that last owl, but then again, I love them all! I am still amazed that birds can perch on cactus spines!

  8. They are so majestic, and what wonderful photos you got of them. I love the first ones since you can really see how they carry their talons when they fly.

  9. Hi Mary,
    When I saw mention of this post on Twitter, I couldn’t resist — I’m such a goof for anything bird-related. Your beautiful photos have not disappointed!
    Thanks for the fun views.

  10. Holy cow Mary! These are incredible! You are such an amazing photographer. That top one was just so cool too. I love that you captured just the tail end. Great shot. But, all of them were awesome. I am blown away by your talent.

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