Birds of the Sonoran desert — 27 Comments


    Birds are a huge favorite of mine, Mary, and that first photo, with the perfect sky in the background….what an impressive pose of this mighty king of the sky! And the other sweet winged friends…did you use a long lens to get such close-ups?

    The cardinal…..we have these beauties in our garden and are they ever a fun sight to behold in the snow! Ahhhh….thank you for my morning wake-up call. So gorgeous! Anita

      • Hi Mary! AH HA! You have a great lens. I’d like to get at least two good lens – one for close-ups like this, and for micro details. You really captured these beauties, and yes, the cardinals are spectacular against the snow! Anita

  2. I could hang out there just to see these birds. I love the Harris Hawks, woodpecker and the pretty Verdin! The quail and the hummingbird are pretty too. Great shots, enjoy your day!

  3. We have some of those same birds here. Birds are among my favorite creatures too; in fact, I put up a small bird tree at Christmas with all bird and berry ornaments. It’s my favorite. Do you have any trouble with hawks going after Roxy? We’ve had hawks attack small dogs here while they’re on-leash! One hawk actually picked up a small dog that was on-leash and tried to carry it off. The owner had to fight to get her poor pup back. She did and the dog was okay but had to go to the vet for punctures and scratches caused by the hawk’s claws. Hopefully your hawks are smaller and wouldn’t go after little Roxy!

    • We haven’t any big bird trouble with Roxy. We keep a pretty close eye out though. If big raptors start circling overhead, we pick her up.

  4. I just posted about the Birds of Northern Idaho on my blog. We are on the same wave length. *lol* Use that book and see if you can identify the mystery bird on my post for me.

  5. great bird shots. We have these little sparrows roasting at night in our deck eves all fluffed up to stay warm. They eat our chicken food and they do carry mites and our a nusense. We have had lots of hawks and eagles. Today we have fog. Glad your’e enjoying your scenery. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful birds! Feed them and they will come. We see hawks occasionally in our park, and there’s always a Cardinal hanging around here in the winter. Love Dolly

  7. What gorgeous, colorful birds! I just love listening to the birds! That is one of the things I enjoy about being at our cottage in the summertime. There are so many birds…many memories of lying in the hammock just listening to them sing. So glad you are enjoying your time with the desert birds!!

  8. Wonderful photos! Great shot of the hawk in flight, that’s some wing span! I love all the birds we get here in Phoenix; my faves are Road Runners, Quail, Cactus Wrens, and of course loads of Hummingbirds! We also see some wild green Parrots; weird to see them outside a pet store LOL! Antelope Squirrel huh? So that’s what those little guys are – thought they were Chipmonks. Glad you’re enjoying the AZ beauty!

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