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  1. Awesome captures of the bison. The last two shots are my favorites. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Oh Mary….what a show you always have to watch! I agree; I think these guys have to be the most interesting to watch, with all their hierarchy social moves! And their beauty. To see the fur, the horns, the dust being kicked up by nature’s tendency to need somewhere to survive. Wonderful captures! And I was so excited yesterday. We went out just about 15 miles west of downtown proper, to find some FARMS with beautiful horses and a great seasonal vintage shop. They had chickens and sheep, and the drive was awesome. Gorgeous mansion-like farmhouses graced with corn fields. What a sight. The cloudy weather however did not lend itself to great photos, but I got a few for my practice. Love this photography thing…..

    • It sounds like you found a great place to take photos, how fun! Some day you need to get out west, and take photos of all the wonderful wildlife we have here. Photography is fun, and that is actually the very best way to look at it.

  3. it’s nearly unbelievable for me as a peep from the old world, that you can see this impressing guys so close… your photos were like the proof for me that they really exist (sounds silly, I know)

  4. Amazing. It seems like all your close observation is helping you really get to know the bison. Have you started naming them too?

  5. Some fun stuff. Very exciting. Have fun in yellowstone. I will get there someday. Its on my bucket list for sure. Your photos are excellent.

  6. That last shot is my favorite. Do you ever do video? I started practicing video taping with my little camera while at Whitewater Draw with the 20,000 Sandhill Cranes. I’ll always be partial to photos though.

  7. Well we’ve been lazy so didn’t know Al was away. Great pictures I sure hope you aren’t getting too close. Just heard someone got killed by a bear in Yellowstone so be careful, no bear selfies! Love Dolly

  8. Outstanding photos! I really like the B&W one. These mammoth beast don’t need any color to impress. Great shot of the tongue out in the last one.

    Enjoy Yellowstone:) It is my favorite park with all its various features. Sure hope the record crowds have calmed some for you. We are hoping to make another stop there mid September.

  9. Great photos! I didn’t know the bison rut was so early. I guess they have a long gestation time so they need to get started growing those calves early!

    We plan to visit that area next summer (for the total solar eclipse among other things) so I might ask you for some pointers about where to camp etc!

  10. You did good managing by yourself while Al was gone, but I know you are much happier with him back. Can’t wait to see what your next adventure brings us in terms of photos.

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