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Black and White Sunday — 42 Comments

  1. How about “What makes Torrey special” and “What makes Roxy special” posts. I’m spending my Sunday running around telling people what to put on their blogs (ha). Beautiful picture of a beautiful girl.

  2. Wow, that’s cool. Is that picture black and white? It looks pretty awesome!

    Torrey is indeed lovable! LOL. Roxy too!

  3. yesterday when you and Roxy came over your mom had groomed you to perfection. your so soft and silky I had to run my hands all over you. Thanks for the kisses to. Have a wonderful Sunday and don’t forget to have some fun today. Aunt Mary

  4. Ooooooo!!!! Fantastic picture! I love how you worked the blue sky in and the touch of blue merle too. Fantastic!

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