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Black and white Sunday — 26 Comments

  1. Ohhhh Mom and I LOVE your “swirl!!!!”

    You know what Mom thinks is “cute” on me? Ready? MY ASS….YEP….MY ASS. She says watching me from behind I look like a woman in a HULA SKIRT!!! BOL!!

    Too bad I’m a BOY! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. That swirl is might cute!

    For Jimmy, I love how the little tip of his tongue always shows. For Wilson, it’s his recent “old man” eyebrows, all bushy and grey.

  3. Those legs are absolutely adorable! So cool how the hair swirls like that. I love Pierson’s fuzzy spotted feet and I love how Maya’s big brown eyes appear to have black eyeliner around them. I also love Pierson’s fluffy tail and Maya’s soft velvety ears.

  4. You have lovely legs, especially the gray swirly cowlick thingy! I guess my cute body part is my funny bleached out nose, because my mommy is always kissing it. :-)

  5. oH the cowlick-ing swirlie is cute!! Donna’s human thinks Donna has the funniest butt markings (and not in a good way) … and Donna’s muzzle twitches in the funniest way when you tease her with food. :D

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