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Black and White, and text too — 25 Comments

  1. Great photo and effects! And don’t worry- we are brining sunshine with us to the desert! :) (Which is hilariously backwards but we’ll take it!)

  2. The flowers are so beautiful and unusual! We see everyone doing the words on pictures but we just haven’t gotten into it much yet. Something else for us to get around too! Love Dolly

  3. Very cool Mary. I used to grow Indian Paintbrush in my garden at my mother’s house. Love the vibrant colors. I’ll have to check out the hop. You always turn me on to some cool apps.

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  5. I hope you have found the weeks to be a mix of easy and hard so that we all have time to take a breather now and then!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this! I saw it… what the heck. Sorry! I love the Indian Paintbrush color splash… perfect. (and I love that flower) The font you chose goes great with the lines of the paintbrush. Nice!

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  8. Perfect edits for this photo! Love Indian Paintbrush. Our Paintbrush in Texas (along with all the bluebonnets) have stopped blooming now and have gone to seed, in preparation for the new crop in Spring 2015.

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