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#Blogpaws here we come — 37 Comments

  1. Great post! And Torrey looks so fluffy clean and pretty! (You, too, Roxy!)

    Have a great time! We really hope you share BlogPaws tips next week.

    Keep on wagging,

  2. Wait – you mean people are going to Blogpaws for more reasons than to meet Roxy?
    I’m sure meeting Roxy will still be the highlight!

  3. YOU WILL BE THE STAR ATTRACTIONS! HAVE FUN!whats Dad going to do while you and Mom are there?

  4. I’m only going to BlogPaws to meet Roxy and Torrey! I’m so excited! Great Facebook group idea… Sadly, I don’t use Facebook (besides the “required” blog fan page.)

  5. Aren’t you in for a culture shock, what with all the people/cars in Las Vegas?! Such a change of pace from your regular life! Enjoy the conference!

    • Well, for that very reason we are staying in a small quite campground outside of Lake Las Vegas. We drove the back road to get here so we didn’t go through Vegas, and we have no intention of going to Vegas. LOL..You have us figured out.

  6. Have a terrific time!!!!! I’m sure Roxy and Torrey will love it (and everyone will love them). How fun to meet other bloggers in person (and fur person)! We’ll hear all about it when you get back online.

  7. You will have such a good time and meet so many great folks! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  8. Have a great time. Looks like everyone will be there. I look forward to hearing (and seeing through photos) about your trip there. No doubt you will have a great time!

  9. I hope you all had a great time at BlogPaws. The Facebook group looks great….I hope we’ll be able to join one day, if we ever start traveling! :)

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