Blue Angels in Idaho Falls — 14 Comments

  1. Hello, awesome captures of the Blue Angels. They do put on an amazing air show. Love the osprey and gull photo too. Enjoy your day!

  2. Cool photos of the Blue Angels. I have seen them a couple of times and it’s always great fun. Sorry to hear, though, that you didn’t make as much money as you had hope…

  3. Dearest Mary, that must have been a rewarding experience, to end up with such clear and beautiful photos. Like birds, these planes, closely gliding through the air!

    It’s a wonderful feeling when I finally get photos that are a result of several tries (night photos, slow shutter speed) and I really do need to get out at night again to photograph.


  4. Mary,
    As a Navy veteran of the 50’s and who served aboard the first Super Carrier, USS Forrestal, I can relate to the Blue Angels. At almost each port we would pick up VIP’s and take them out to sea for an airshow.

  5. You got some incredible shots of the Blue Angels. I’ve been to one of their shows, and it’s really mind-boggling to see what they do. But of course, my favorite shot is the funny one of the birds! You captioned that just right!

  6. Haha. That last shot is great! Well, they’re all great… but I think you’re right about that seagul. :)

    We used to live somewhat in the path of the annual air show from the navy base here and the Blue Angels came almost every year. Awesome to watch – and so hard to get good pics. Yours are amazing!

  7. I’ve always wanted to shoot at an airshow but have never been lucky enough. You’d think living so close to Nellis Air Force Base we’d have plenty of opportunity. I love your shots. That dark blue of the planes against the blue sky works beautifully.

  8. Hey, why don’t you share that fish? LOL
    You got some great shots of the airshow – they are so amazing!

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