Boondocking at Lake Mead — 15 Comments

  1. Good morning Mary! That heart-shaped cactus is amazing. I am typically not one for dessert flora, but these cacti are truly gorgeous, with that tint of pink that I love! I’ve never been to Lake Mead, but the beauty you share here today has a haunting attraction to it, a silence that comes through the photos. What clear blue skies!

  2. Funny how in the middle of nowhere there is suddenly green and palm trees there at the spring! Lake Mead is a tragedy of human making, but that is the way it is when humans play with nature. Hope you get better weather.

  3. Hello, it is a shame the lake is so low. The spring and landscapes are beautiful. Gorgeous lighting on the mountains. Love the shot of Torrey and Roxy! The heart shaped cactus was a great find. Great series of photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  4. We only stayed at Government Wash once and totally agree with you. But in a pinch, it’s always nice to know there’s a spot. ‘Water rights’ is such an interesting and complex issue effecting the level of all the lakes formed by the Colorado River.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing boondocking information (in addition to your wonderful photos and other discussions!). We are getting closer to our full time RV dreams and hope to run across you and Al at an art show in a couple of years!

    • I’m so glad you liked this post, and found it helpful. And yes, I’m sure we will still be doing art shows, and traveling around.

  6. I always enjoy looking at your photos and reading your posts; and this one’s no different.

    It’s truly a shame that some humans are so greedy and selfish that they can’t share some of the natural resources of our beautiful land so that all of those resources can thrive the way they were intended to thrive. And so the rest of us can enjoy them and teach our children and grandchildren to appreciate them.

    • It’s always such a battle over natural resources, especially water here in the west. My biggest hope is that future generations will have natural beauty to enjoy too.

  7. love your evening shots, such pretty light showing off the landscapes.
    Wonderful portrait of the birds too.
    Looks like you are experiencing all sorts of wonderful places.

  8. What a beautiful area. What a shame that it seems like they really screwed that whole thing up with the lakes. Go figure the whole thing was political to start with, and no one can figure out how to fix it now.

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