Boondocking Beauty Near Wickenburg — 21 Comments

  1. AHHHHHH, that turquoise, I LOVE IT! My favorite color of blue. And those birds, Mary…perfectly captured. Hey, are you watching for the penumbra eclipse AND comment on Friday night???

  2. Looks like a lovely area! We are a bit leery of coyotes. They are right here in suburbia and they often will stalk us. Mom says we are big enough to fend them off if need be, but they are scary to see. Love that turquoise!

  3. Hello, wonderful series of photos. The scenery and sky shots are beautiful. I love your cute pups. The turquoise is gorgeous. Good luck with your show. Have a great day!

  4. Looks like a great boondock spot. Love listening to those coyotes and am missing those desert sunsets. I’ll be back amongst the saguaros in a few weeks and can’t wait to ‘dry out’. Hope you have a great show!

  5. Best of luck with the show – it sounds like a natural for your work. I guess Torrey got in touch with her inner coyote when she found the need to howl back LOL! I didn’t know grass grew in the desert! That bird is wonderful, such amazing eyes!

  6. Wow, those sunrise pics are great! And that’s a nice hunk of turquoise! Glad to hear you keep the girls leashed with coyotes around. We have lots of coyotes in the canyons in SD and folks have to be very careful about their small pups!

  7. I have a feeling your art is going to be a huge hit with that crowd! How nice it must be to get back to somewhere beautiful that you haven’t seen in a while. That green grass looks so wonderful to us…stuck in our sea of nothing but white snow! :)
    I always found the call of the coyotes to be very eerie; we haven’t heard any in a while now.

  8. What a gorgeous place and photos! I haven’t heard of a curved bill thrasher before. I hope the art show goes well. I would take that turquoise as a good sign.

  9. Not sure why my comment didn’t turn up — probably because I forgot to hit Send! :)

    I love your work Mary — there is such heart in all the beauty your share.

    Good luck with the show this weekend!

  10. I absolutely LOVE the desert pics with the cactus…and the sunsets!! Well…all of them really! What a gorgeous place to stay. Good luck at your show! I am always nervous about the coyotes…we have them around here and up north…so I have to keep a very close watch.

  11. Great photos, Mary. I bet the desert looks quite different after the rain. And it must have been a lovely place to boondocking. What an amazing evening sky you captured!

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