Boondocking at the Buenos Aires Wildlife refuge — 23 Comments

  1. It is cool to be able to just pick up and go… Pretty images. I love the cute sparrow, dogs and the gorgeous sky and moon shots.. Have a happy Thursday!

  2. The colors you find in this terrain, Mary…..truly a gift for ME. This is so evident that artists of all sorts are valuable and are needed to help us all see things that we miss or never would think of. That pink metal, IT IS BEAUTIFUL! And of course nature itself, a prize. HAVE FUN! Anita

  3. well I can see right now I going to have to get more cards photos when you pass through here in the future. We have been traveling back in time through our family history. Very interesting to say the least. Our winter has been mild and we are thankful for this. The East coast has gotten pounded. Our weather is changing. So glad we have a reporter out in the desert. Remember its all about the fun!

  4. That old homestead would have had me putting my archaeology hat on for sure! I’d be there for a few days investigating. Gorgeous photos – that butterfly is incredible. I’d love to see the difference in that place in the spring, it would be a cool comparison. It amazes me how those little birds can land on cactus like that without skewering themselves! I never thought about coyotes out there – I see you had the pups on leashes for your walk, that was a really good idea.

  5. I noticed the moon setting Tuesday morning I think. Of course I have a little point and shoot and the damn streetlight was right next to the moon so getting a good shot was out of the question. I’ll just have to live vicariously through yours.

    I love your philosophy of the scenery. And I love the idea of a different view whenever you want.

  6. we saw that gorgeous moon last night on the way to nose work class and mom wished so badly she could get a pic like yours, but no camera and on the highway, no chance. Nice job.

  7. Well, it doesn’t look like it was ALL bad, just not all you thought it would be. How wonderful to have the flexibility to just move on!

  8. Gorgeous photos! We do mostly boondocking with our RV because it is usually so much more likely that you will see birds and wildlife when you are off by yourself.

  9. Al on top of the RV reminded me of the stories of Ansel Adams who had a platform on top of his vehicle for photography!

    I can’t believe that birds can perch on cacti without getting skewered. I hope you enjoy your new spot!

  10. These pictures are awesome!! I love them all! The one of your husband on the top of the RV is great! :) The colors are stunning! Glad you are enjoying your boondocking!

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