Boondocking on the KOFA National wildlife refuge — 38 Comments

  1. That sunset picture is absolutely stunning!!! LOVE it! What a beautiful area!! Hope your dental appt goes ok…but I would definitely check out the bakery! :)

  2. Lovely scenic views and beautiful skies.. The sunset shot is gorgeous.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. Oh Mary, how could I LEAVE THIS? I will still be visiting you daily. I am overwhelmed by the kindness of those of you who have left me a message…..the only difference now is that I will not be posting, but I will continue to visit. I am pursuing my poetry in private life, that’s all.

    Your visuals elevate our wonder. THANK YOU. Anita

    • I bet your poetry is beautiful Anita, I would like to read some of it. If you need photographic inspiration, I hope you can find it here. I’m glad you are still going to visit. (-:

  4. Great pics. The last one is my fav. Mike goes to the dentist today for a filling that fell out he just had done. I’m doing family history. From Ok, found out my grandmas father my great grandpa was 7/8 cherokee. My paternal grandpa was half. my second and third cousins in Ok. have been helping me find my roots. Its cold and very foggy here and raining. Later today we get snow. Now don’t you miss that? Get some vanilla in Mexico while your there. Hugs sent

  5. That sunset is GORGEOUS! I love all those rock formations. We never get to see anything like that here. Thank you for always sharing the beauty of your travels.

  6. The colors of that sunset look like they were painted. They are so gorgeous! I love how you capture the beauty of where you are.

  7. Nothing like those Arizona sunsets. Each evening offers it’s own unique display of light that never gets old. I look forward to your post on the journey across the border.

    • It might be a stretch but we shall see. I’m hoping Mexico is a good photo place. I’m going to try my hand at people, and street photography tomorrow.

  8. Spectacular photos! I love the sunset… and the monochrome with the clouds. I do believe that those clouds are called “mammary clouds” – we have a whole book of clouds and the boys in the family always love that one!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m always compelled to pick a favorite, and this time it’s the sunset. Enjoy your week…other than the dental appointment, that’s no fun. :)

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