Boondocking near Badlands NP — 13 Comments

  1. You’ve got the perfect “neighbors” Mary. The ever changing sunrise and sunset, the musty, beautiful scent of wildlife, freedom. LOVE IT!

  2. Hello, I agree about the wide open spaces. I love the views and the beautiful skies. Cool captures of the bighorn sheep. Great post. Happy Weekend!

  3. …it is great to enjoy the wide open spaces via your blog… how wonderful to have no people, cars, phones and all that modern stuff around you for a moment… I would love it so much to take a breath there and to relax from our hectic time …

  4. What a breath-taking place to live, if only for a little while! Your photos are truly stunning, especially those skies. Hope you have a great time!

  5. What a feeling of freedom! Even your neighbors know this is a serene environment LOL. Looks like you’ve discovered yet another paradise, Mary.

  6. Looks beautiful! We always hear it is not very dog friendly around those parts, so it is good to see you have found spots where the dogs can be out. Mom hasn’t been that way in years because everything she looks up says no dogs.

  7. That is definitely a sweet spot. We had a mixed bag of weather during our visit thus we stayed in the campground but I would’ve preferred camping on the edge. Love South Dakotas Badlands.

  8. You truly can see for miles and miles!!!! The sky there is incredible – the sunrise, the rainbow, the clouds – Wow!!!! And the wildlife is icing on the cake :)

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