Broken desert glass — 19 Comments

  1. These tidbits of someone’s history are so beautiful when composed in a still as such. We used to collect beach glass, roughed up by the countless ebbs and flows of the waves. I need to pull those out and use them in my summer décor!

    Lovely as always, Mary! Anita

  2. Here in my parts, we look for sea glass. I’ve never found that pretty purple tone however. Mainly greens and blues, and lots of brown from all the broken beer bottles. Fortunately they lose their sharp edges from tumbling in the waves.

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  4. We collect sea glass when we are at the shore. They are pretty just like your desert glass and worn smooth by the ocean waves.

  5. Beautiful! Isn’t it amazing how much broken glass there is in the desert? We have some near us, in old mining camps. It’s not as pretty as yours though.

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