But it IS my first rodeo — 15 Comments

  1. Great series from the rodeo. I like the shots of the kiddies or young cowboys. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. My favorites are the photos of the people and people on horseback. You got some really great shots. This is definitely a better way to live than sitting behind a computer, that’s for sure, and it shows in their friendlier attitudes. I still can’t help but feel bad for those bulls who are fighting against being ridden and lassoed, though.

  3. I had to giggle at the thought of Ms. Western Mary Hone never having been to a rodeo. I’ve lived in the East my whole life and I’ve seen a rodeo–in New Jersey. :)

    You took some lovely shots. I wonder if the rodeo needs an official photographer?

  4. that was great! and now I saw a rodeo through your cam and can use that sentence too :O) but I have some doubts if the peeps around me would understand what I mean :o)

  5. Mom went to a few rodeos as a kid when they visited relatives in Iowa, but hasn’t been in eons. Great photos!

  6. Wow, so surprised this was your first rodeo! Even city girl me has been to 5 or 6! (But my mom used to live in Prescott which has an awesome July 4th rodeo!) Fabulous pics! You should put Calgary’s Stampede on your Bucket List. The chuck wagon races were the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

  7. Fantastic! You captured some seriously awesome shots. Love the clarity and color. Congrats on enjoying your first rodeo. I so enjoy watching the relationship between horse and rider and the family involvement. My favorite is mutton busting. Cute beyond words!

  8. Well, mom can’t believe that she has been to a rodeo before you! Growing up in Texas she has been to a few but not something she does now of course. Your pictures are amazing as always, sometimes you just have to enjoy another culture despite what you think is happening! Love Dolly

  9. What great photos! I never thought much about rodeos since we live in the Northeast. But my sister just found out there’s a rodeo in Vermont and she’s very excited about going! Maybe I’ll check it out sometime too. That does sound like such a great activity for kids, and I agree it has to be great for those kids that are involved.

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