Cactus, Birds, and a Colorful Desert — 9 Comments

  1. lovely desert photos and birds.
    i don’t enjoy out of focus, it makes me dizzy instantly. might be something in my brain or eyes.
    but it was fun to hear how you went about it.

  2. Hello, pretty images from the desert. I love the birds and sunset. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  3. My mom always laughs when you post about the Saguaro and Tucson. She was at U of A her freshman year in college and went to a party in the desert…backed up into one of those cacti and got a needle in her behind. She couldn’t sit for a couple days as they cause some kind of infection or something that is very painful! So, be careful around those things!

  4. On a gray winter day here today, I was wishing to visit the Sonoran desert. Well, you took me there! I love the crazy cacti and the pink sky. Your out of focus photo looks very cool, and Al’s sculpture looks amazing! Thanks!

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