Camp Henry mountain man rendezvous — 47 Comments

  1. OMD, I would have been far away from the cannon shoot too!!! Loud and scary!! Yay for your dad, that is pawesome!!!


  2. I think it is fun and interesting to see what you are doing. It is great to learn about new things! LOVE the sunset photos. Oh and NEVER, EVER apologize for your work….just sayin…..

  3. FUN indeed. It’s great to witness such wonderful place where children can play all day and its safe. LOVE the sunset, gorgeous color of the sky. When we were in HI we witnessed the same thing and we were told that there’s a meaning behind the color of the sunset sky. Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Way to go, dad! The frying pan throw sounds like fun. I need to look up the mountain man rendezvous dates near us.

  5. No way am I bored. I want to hear about rendezvous all summer. I love to learn about new events and places and when pets are involved…heaven. Looks like the weather has been perfect. Third place in the state…Congratulations! That’s awesome. No hardship for Roxy and Torrey with Auntie Shannon’s RV on hand. Sure that Ray appreciates having his Granny picture splashed across the worldwide web. You’re good friends (ha).

    • We couldn’t ask for better weather, that has made it extra nice. We have been snowed on here before. And Granny Ray is a good friend, and a good sport. This was also his last rendezvous.

  6. Nope, not tired of Rendezvous. It is unlikely that I will have a chance to visit one in the near future (too busy) so I will live by your blogs. I love that beautiful sunset… and the pic of Granny, too. LOL!

  7. I love to hear your stories and this one was great! I can’t believe the woman throw cast iron pand and the men throw hard panckaes!

  8. Oh wow! That looks like all kinds of fun to me! There’s a rendezvous near here, but it’s not nearly as active as that one. I would really love to visit that place with you. What fantastic scenery!


  9. OK the frying pan competition sounds awesome! lol! I’m not really as strong as I used to be when I was working so I’m not sure I would do very good with that one.

  10. What a fun experience that must be for the kids…well, and the adults too I bet. Frying pan throwing huh? Sounds great! At least Roxy & Torrey are having treats with Auntie Shannon.

  11. Wow that sounds like a cool adventure you guys are on. We popped over from Ann. We will stop by next post. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. What gorgeous skies you’ve got there…I am not in the least tired of reading your Rendezvous adventures and seeing all the photos…A little jealous that we can’t be there to share the fun…A frying pan toss would be a hoot! Can you tell me a little about that round boat the children are getting in to? What’s it called? is it made of skins?

    • The boat is a reproduction of a bull boat. The Natives made them from sticks bent into that shape, then covered with hides. As you can imagine, they don’t steer very well. This boat was covered with thin carpet like stuff. It was part of the trail walk shoot. We went in teams of three, two people would go down the river a little ways, then throw the rope to the third person who hauled the boat to shore. It was pretty fun.

  13. I love reading about the rendezvous! It looks really cool and like a lot of fun. I enjoy the wonderful photos, and get to see a part of the country I have never been to. It looks to me like you are all living the good life!

  14. You guys sure know how to have fun! Though I’d duck when they’re doing all that throwing – maybe stay with Auntie Shannon and eat more cookies?! Tee Hee

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. I love looking at all of your gorgeous pictures and I think the story about throwing frying pans is a riot!! LOVE the idea!! Someday we hope to take the RV out to Idaho…sure looks like your dogs are enjoying themselves!!

  16. i love reading your rendezvous adventures and i love seeing everyone in costume. how far can one throw a cast iron frying pan? and did the winner throw overhand or underhand?
    loud noises scare me so i would be far far away when the canon fires.
    wags, bailey

  17. I love hearing about your fun and am nowhere near sick of it! Keep it coming.
    Dina Mom

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