My canine kids harness review — 19 Comments

  1. Those harnesses look great! So cute and sounds like they work well for both your dogs. I used harnesses for my pack, too, but I don’t know that I’d trust velcro when there’s a 100 pounds at the end of the leash.

  2. Sounds like Roxy and our Chi Chi have the same build; reminds me of a little bodybuilder – big shoulders, no neck, small waist :-)
    Love the colorful harnesses!

  3. I should get one for Reggie who gets out of his HARNESS With all his hair and the old harness is hard to get on him. Olly just hangs back no matter what. I will check them out.

  4. They look great, especially like the bright colored one, but we only wear harnesses for our nose work or seat belts.

  5. Cute is right! And yay for a harness that fits. I either need to adjust Shiner’s or find a different one that fits. It looked a little funny last time she had it on.

    • Hi Nola’s Mom,

      I represent My Canine Kids INC. Just wanted to share that we use military grade Velcro on all of our products. It is the same Velcro the military trusts on parachutes for jumping out of planes! We wanted to make sure to use quality closures that will keep our customers secure and safe, and that their parents would feel confident using! Check out a video demonstration here. Thanks for taking the time to read Roxy the Traveling Dog’s review of our line. Feel free to email me with any other questions at

      Caitlin Jascewsky

  6. Those look great. Very comfortable and fashionable. The velcro makes me nervous though. Brown dawgs have snapped metal buckles and chains. I worry about that one good pull. :)

    • Hi 2 brown dawgsblog!

      I represent My Canine Kids. Sounds like you have some strong dogs there! We would love to share that the Velcro we use is military grade- the same quality that is used for parachutes for jumping out of military planes so it very safe and secure! We also use double-d ring leash closures. Check out our video demonstration.

      Thanks for reading Roxy the Traveling Dog’s review of our product!
      Caitlin Jascewsky

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