Caption this dog photo — 34 Comments

  1. I’m terrible at captions and titles, but two spring to mind:
    “Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful free life of exploration with my family.”
    “Ahhh, the top of my head never had such a good scritching!”

  2. OMD! You should not have let Molly the Wally go first. That’s perfect!

    I was thinking something about ostriches but I gave up when I read her caption.

  3. Okay, I almost gave up after reading Molly’s, cuz that wins, paws down. But I can’t help it… I had to keep trying to come up with one. This is all I could come up with: “98…99…100! Okay, Roxy, you better have a good hiding place cuz ready or not,here I come!”

  4. If I keep my head tucked, she’ll think I’m part of this dead branch and leave me out here. Then I’ll be free. FREE!!

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