Carefree, Arizona — 33 Comments

  1. You already know I’m crazy about those street names – lol. Your booth looks fantastic, as do those fireworks photos. Wow!

  2. Love the street names! That monster you posed next to yesterday is creepy looking! Enjoy the quiet weeks…hang some lights on a cactus and relax!

  3. Good morning Mary! I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! And that “Ho Hum Road” sign is a crack up. tee

    I love how the dogs just go along for the ride and pose. Sweet as can be.

    Enjoy your day; I am starting my last week of school before the big TWO WEEK vacation. BLISS! Anita

  4. Y’all see some of the craziest stuff! I love the giant gila monster slide. And the fireworks! And all of it! I hope the rain stays, but doesn’t bother y’all too much.

  5. I cannot believe you would be nervous to put some of your photography out for sale…ALL your photos are beautiful! I love the street names…what a fun place!

  6. You have to admit its pretty ironic that a town in AZ makes snow to have a Christmas carnival! But its very pretty, but so scary about the coyote. I think you’re suppose to yell at them and make noise? Love Dolly

  7. We just passed your rig on 72 out of Bouse -we are on our way to Parker-I noticed your website on the window and had to look it up. Love your pictures and blog. Enjoy your time where ever it is you land ;)

    • I’m so glad you stopped on the blog to say hello. We are heading for our favorite camp spot. Maybe we will run into you down the road.

  8. Good evening Mary! Thank you for coming to visit my post earlier! Yes, after a while the snow gets to be a chore, but we are lucky this year; it is actually raining right now, and no snow is foreseen in the forecast – maybe a dusting on Christmas. But if we can stay away from too much snow this year, that would be great since last year was such a horrible winter!

    Oh the dogs are so darling. They know they are along for the ride!

  9. Carefree looks like a lovely spot. You really got the feeling of the town across.

    And your display of your and your husband’s art looked wonderful.

    But you have my curious about the first picture. Was Mr. Al holding up a cookie off toy our side? Because Roxy and Torrey have laser focus. :)

  10. I love the name of the town and of the roads. It seems like a place with a sense of humor!

    Your art looked fabulous. You have lots of talent and courage so I bet you’re going to have fun with this new part of your life!

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